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Lifestyle Banks, websites aggregators of real estate, medical organizations are ready to purchase data from various citizens sensors. It is better to create a transparent market for those who want to do this, than they will look for other ways to collect this data.

Robonomics network architect
Robotics/IoT developer

Sunday community call right now!

Join the call with @khassan0v to ask your technical questions about educational program based on Boston Dynamics SDK and Robonomics platforms ✌️

Had such a cool time hanging out with Spot yesterday!
Thanks so much @vitl2907 @khassan0v @MerkleB0t @AIRA_Robonomics!

If you also would like the chance to hang out with Spot, head on over to

Want to learn more about the potential use cases of @AIRA_Robonomics? We prepared a video discussing Robot Smart Leasing through our partnership with @MerkleB0t check it out!
We also have an AMA session tomorrow, join us on Discord:

In the upcoming 2 months core Robonomics team will showcase how using cryptography, tokens, and other #web3 tools you can organize operations and the household of the HQ inhabited by developers and engineers.

The first is here:

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